Sunday, 20 March 2016

Another birthday in Stockholm, this time with Jesse Malin...

Yes, we have been to Sweden again. One of our colleagues in Tromsø / Norway actually asked: "Were you also visiting Finland?" A reasonable question although it wasn't such a matter of course that we would spend my birthday again in Sweden's capital Stockholm this year. It was only thanks to the show of a certain Mr. Jesse Malin that we did so - and to our dear friend from Stockholm who said right away that it was all a "great idea". And, indeed, it was a great idea. It wasn't at all as dull and disappointing as on New Year's Eve...

Kladdkaka [Swedish for: Chocolate mud cake] for breakfast

Jesse Malin performing at "Debaser Strand" / "Bar Brooklyn"

The view while sitting in the venue

Leaving the venue...

Trophy of the day: The reissue of "The Fine Art Of Self Destruction", 
signed with a dedication by Jesse Malin 

Last but not least, here is an audiovisual impression of Jesse Malin's performance at "Debaser Strand" / "Bar Brooklyn"...  Enjoy!


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