Sunday, 17 May 2015

Besök från Hamburg

This week, a dear friend from my native city Hamburg / Germany was visiting us here in Turku / Finland. It was her very first stay in Turku, and since Turku doesn't have an adequate nightlife for rock fans to offer, we focused more on sightseeing during the day and visiting cafés - because for this, the beautiful city of Turku is just perfect. 

I decided to share some of my snapshots from our sightseeing tour here on BlogSpot... I hope you enjoy it! :o)

A well in the nearby Garrison Park [in Finnish: Kasarmin puisto / in Swedish: Kasernparken]... 

... and the "Drummers From Pori" sculpture in the very same park, 
designed by Niilo Savia

On the way to the Turku Cathedral [in Finnish: Turun tuomiokirkko / in Swedish: Åbo domkyrka]

The fishtail fountain sculpture "Harmonia" [in Swedish: "Harmoni"], designed by Achim Kühn 

The star of Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) on the "Walk Of Fame" which is located 
at Veistämönaukio [in Swedish: Varvsplan]

The Turku Castle [in Finnish: Turun linna / in Swedish: Åbo slott

And the Turku Castle, seen from the port of Turku

Outi Sarjakoski's "Network" [in Finnish: "Hämähäkinverkko" / in Swedish: "Spindelväven"]  

And last but not least: The Åbo flower sign

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