Sunday, 8 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

As usual, I'm a few days late, but: Happy New Year 2017, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

As mentioned before, we dropped the idea of having another New Year's Eve cruise on Viking Line's "Viking Grace" after the confirmation of a New Year show here in Finland. Things went a little back and forth since the venue didn't seem to be able to reply to emails. While assuming that we would go back to the original plan of a New Year's Eve cruise, another New Year show here in Finland was confirmed, and this time, things ran smoothly, so we ended up spending New Year's Eve 2016 / 2017 in Finland's capital Helsinki. 

With this turn of the year, Finland started its celebrations for 100 years of independence, amongst others with a huge firework and laser display in the city centre of Helsinki. We got to see the first few minutes of it since we arrived in Helsinki around midnight. While we were on our way to "Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki", the firework and laser display started, musically accompanied by Darude's "Sandstorm" which is great not only due to the fact that it's a composition "Made in Finland" but also something different than the usual "Final Countdown" by Europe. Hats off to that, Finland! 

After coincidentally catching the first few minutes of the firework and laser display, we arrived at "Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki", in order to see the New Year show of Rebellix. So, we kicked off the year 2017 with two premieres. First of all, it was our very first visit to the "Hard Rock Cafe" in Helsinki which was opened a few weeks after our move from Helsinki respectively Espoo to Turku (either on 15th October 2012, according to their official web page, or on 15th November 2012, according to their official facebook page). 

The very first time that I took a seat in a "Hard Rock Cafe" was one and a half years ago in Sweden's capital Stockholm. Back then, I stated that visiting a "Hard Rock Cafe" was pretty much as I had always imagined it: Overpriced drinks and food served to the tunes of rock songs which couldn't be more mainstream (KISS, Metallica, Nirvana and so on and so forth). This time, in Helsinki, the only music we were listening to came from the bands on stage, and, overall, time was flying while we were at "Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki". I can still vividly remember how damn boring it was at the "Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm" although we were there during a bigger event (The official after-show party of Alice Cooper). While I wouldn't be keen on visiting "Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm" a second time, I definitely wouldn't mind to visit "Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki" again. 

Our second premiere was to see Rebellix live on stage. Last time I saw frontman Joel Nybondas aka J Dee Nighte live on stage was with his former band Sinner's Gin, almost five years ago.

We saw the gig together with some dear friends of ours and... What can I say? Especially in times like these where the music industry is going downwards constantly, it's comforting to see that not everything regarding Rock'n'Roll is lost (yet). 

After all the Rock'n'Roll at "Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki", we strolled around the city centre and didn't leave Helsinki before the afternoon... 

Good times. May the year 2017 be filled with more of such good times. 


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