Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Soon, it's summer break...

One month ago today, I wrote a bit about my latest CD reviews and how to discover new music / releases. While the brand new print issue of Northern Norway's biggest student magazine "Utropia" is on its way, here are - as promised - my CD reviews from the current print issue:

1. The legend whose latest album release enjoyed excessive media coverage: Iggy Pop -"Post Pop Depression". As written in the title of the CD review, "the fuss about it was well founded"

2. The new album release of a band whose music I really, really like - and I figured out about their latest release just while I was actively searching for new music: Dommin - "Rise".

3. The band whose name I had heard before but whose music was completely unknown to me: The Last Vegas - "Eat Me". 

4. The musician who knows how to use social media channels properly in order to promote the release of his brand new album: Conny Bloom - "Fullt Upp". 

For the upcoming print issue, I wrote five reviews, and one of it was some kind of debut for me... Stay tuned! ;o) 

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