Thursday, 31 December 2015

The last post before the turn of the year... Vi ses 2016!

I hope you all had a relaxed Christmas time. We did, with loads of sleep... ;o) 

I just checked my last post from last year and I had to smile since it is quite similar to this last post in 2015, like enjoying life in Turku / Finland and meeting Michael Monroe at a signing session, this time even with his band and a special guest (Todd "Dammit" Kerns from Slash) and a live show afterwards. Last year, I really wasn't expecting to experience any of this right now since we already knew that we are going to move to Tromsø / Norway during the year 2015. Well, after all what happened (or not happened) in Tromsø, I surely don't mind this turn of events... 

No sooner had we arrived in Finland, I went to "Gigantti" and treated myself to a new mobile phone by Nokia which is very basic and yet very stylish... 

Calling and texting is all I expect from a mobile phone. And a battery life which I don't need to take care of on a daily basis (and which is apparently the case with smartphones). In thirteen and a half years, this is just the fourth mobile phone I purchased, and the previous one is not even broken yet (It was in use for over six years...). I just had the feeling that it was about time to get a mobile phone which has both English and Swedish language settings. My previous Nokia phone was ordered from Germany and those usually don't have any of the Nordic languages in their settings, so my new mobile phone is also the first one I bought here in Finland. However, the brand of my mobile phone has always been Nokia and therefore Finnish... ;o) 

As last year, we are currently getting prepared to jump on the boat from Turku to Stockholm / Sweden in a few hours since we are going to spend New Year's Eve in Stockholm this year...

On that note: Vi ses 2016! :o)

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