Sunday, 5 July 2015

Instead of M'era Luna 2015: Alice Cooper at "Gröna Lund"!

On Thursday, I told a little bit about the M'era Luna festival 2015 in Hildesheim / Germany and the reasons why we won't be there this year either. On the same evening, we hopped on the ferry to Stockholm / Sweden, in order to see this guy live on stage on Friday evening...

The one and only Alice Cooper!

Due to our very tight time schedule, especially this month, I'm going to write more about everything later. But I can tell that much for now: The entire trip was just absolutely perfect! Ok, except for the damn boring official after-show party at "Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm". No wonder that Alice Cooper himself preferred to stay "home watching horror movies" [Quote on his Instagram account] while the rest of the band hosted the mentioned after-show party...  

This was the very first time that I took a seat in a "Hard Rock Cafe", and it was pretty much as I had always imagined it: Overpriced drinks and food served to the tunes of rock songs which couldn't be more mainstream: KISS, Metallica, Nirvana... Well, you get the point. Nevertheless, everything else was just absolutely perfect, and as soon as I have more time, there will be more to read (and see) about everything... ;o) 

Until then: Rock on! 

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