Sunday, 9 February 2014

Next gig: Finntroll / Deathstars European tour rescheduled

So, first of all: My LIVE review about the punk rock event on last week's Friday at "Klubi" here in Turku / Finland with TV Smith and U.K. Subs (feat. Michael Monroe) is online, written in both German and English:

There is also a nice picture which U.K. Subs guitarist Jet took from the audience in Turku and posted on different social media platforms afterwards. Maybe you recognise the girl on the left side of the picture? ;o) 

Ok, what else? Well, Deathstars have rescheduled their entire "Claws Through Europe" tour which was supposed to start on 15th March 2014 in Stockholm / Sweden. We were planning to go to that kick-off show and maybe to the shows in Hamburg / Germany (17th March 2014), Berlin / Germany (18th March 2014) and even some other cities as well. It's always nice to combine this kind of events with the possibility of meeting good old friends. And what can I say now? Thank God, we haven't booked and paid anything for that tour yet! And it's already the second time that something like this happens in the recent past: Last time we wanted to go to Hamburg, Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar preponed their common Hamburg gig from 8th December 2013 (Sunday) to 5th November 2013 (Tuesday). Also then, we were really lucky that we haven't booked and paid anything before the preponement was announced (And, no, we were not able to make it to the new date...). So, what do we learn from this? It seems that one cannot really rely on anything in this scene anymore. Gigs are postponed, preponed or cancelled, tours are re-scheduled or cancelled... It happens awfully a lot these days! Probably no big deal if it happens in front of your door - but definitely a big deal if you are travelling somewhere for an event and book and pay flights, hotels et cetera...

We are currently planning some other trip which is combined with a gig - but that trip has a special background behind, the gig itself is rather a minor matter and some of us are even counting on a cancellation of it anyway, so there is not much to lose... ;o)

In general, time will tell if such trips combined with gigs will still pay off in the future. At the moment, I'm rather doubtful since many things in this scene seem to be have become rather fragile... 

On that note: I'm looking forward to the next gig which is going to take place at "Klubi" again - Finntroll! :o)