Thursday, 2 July 2015

No M'era Luna festival in 2015 either

So far, this summer has been quite interesting. A totally unexpected trip (More about that soon...) and constant changes regarding our gig and festival plans. Although the latter is meanwhile not that unusual for us (A part of the reasons were once mentioned here), there is one festival we were really looking forward to go to: The M'era Luna festival 2015 in Hildesheim / Germany. Well, to cut a long story short: Also in 2015, we won't be there. While my humble self has been there once, in 2002 (Yes, that's 13 years ago...), my love haven't had the pleasure yet, so I was really looking forward to introduce him to the very unique festival atmosphere at M'era Luna. And this year, M'era Luna finally has a line-up which convinced us both. But while making plans, thinking about possible festival outfits, checking flights and hotels, rumour had it that the organiser of the M'era Luna festival - FKP Scorpio - would introduce an RFID chip system for cashless payments - at short notice and as the only acceptable payment method on the entire festival area! 

Many (potential) festival visitors went to the barricades as soon as they heard those rumours while FKP Scorpio still claims that the decision whether to introduce the RFID chip system or not will be made just "in the beginning of July 2015", so just five weeks before the festival takes place. Judging from forum discussions and comments on M'era Luna's facebook page, the majority seems to be against that RFID chip system, especially as the only acceptable payment method. And especially since FKP Scorpio launched the very same system the very same way two weeks ago at the Hurricane Festival 2015 - and failed. Even an online petition has been started - but FKP Scorpio seems to be more interested in the data collection than the wishes of its festival visitors. Many say that this year's edition of the M'era Luna festival is going to be the last one they visit if the RFID chip system is going to be introduced. Probably, they already fixed everything for this year's edition and can't back out anymore. But we can. Fortunately, we haven't booked and paid anything for the festival yet. Of course, one could go there anyway and boycott the whole RFID chip system by simply not loading any money on the chip attached to the festival wristbands and hence spending absolutely no money on the entire festival area. It would be possible. Absolutely. But seriously: It is no fun. And this is what a festival is supposed to be: Fun. And how much fun can it be when being busy with boycotting on the one hand and listening to other festival visitors complaining all along about that new system on the other? It is no fun at all. And it's stupid. It's stupid to expose oneself to all that when still having the choice to not go there in the first place. And even if they don't launch that RFID chip system this year, they will announce their decision just "in the beginning of July 2015". Needless to say that booking the flights that late is anything but economic. 

I guess my life went on in many respects, and actually I have no reason to complain as I can see acts like Rob Zombie, Deathstars and Dopestars Inc. certainly somewhere else. And so I take it from there, see what other possibilities we have - and plan a trip to another event instead... ;o)

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